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Tetra Bottom Drain

Installed at the bottom of the pond, this device encourages debris and waste to flow into a circular collection chamber, where it is carried away underground, via standard 3" PVC pipe (not included) to a disposal area.

Tetra Bottom Drain
SKU Description Price Order
16360 Tetra Bottom 3 inch Drain 53.95 Order Tetra Bottom Drain
United Aquatics Aerating Sump Bottom Drain 4"

Increase movement towards the bottom drain with this 4 sump bottom drain with added built-in aeration. Accepts 3/8 and 1/2 tubing.

Sump Bottom Drain 4"

Sump Bottom Drain 2"

Bottom Drain w/90 Degree Coupling
SKU Description Price Order
UAQ011 United Aquatics 4" Sump Bottom Drain 96.95 Order Tetra 2" Vacuum Bottom Drain
UAQ020 United Aquatics 2" Bottom Drain W/90 Degree coupling 76.95 Order Tetra 2" Vacuum Bottom Drain
UAQ030 United Aquatics 3" Bottom Drain W/90 Degree coupling 130.95 Order Tetra 2" Vacuum Bottom Drain
UAQ040 United Aquatics 4" Bottom Drain W/90 Degree Coupling 148.95 Order Tetra 2" Vacuum Bottom Drain
Rhino II bottom drains from Aquadyne are quality hand welded, machine fit and come in 3 or 4 sizes.  You can also purchase with or without air.

  • Machine Fit for extra strength
  • Thick flanges that won't flex or crack
  • Hand welded resulting for super strength
  • 3" height over the horizontal discharge port (More concrete over  horizontal discharge port)
  • Direct pipe connection into air bladder
  • Air check valve prevents water entering air line
  • American made and cost less



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