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Tetra Pond Pumps

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The DHP Series pumps have a rugged debris-handling impeller and can pass 1/4 in. debris without clogging. Clean your pond - not your pump! These pumps are energy-efficient and are capable of powering filters, waterfalls, and streams. They are also oil-free, so they will not contaminate aquatic life. For maximum flow, use 1.5" ID tubing. Also fits 1.25" ID tubing. 15 foot power cord.  3-year limited warranty.
SKU Description Price Order
TET26569 Tetra DHP-3000 Debris Handling Pump 270.95 Order Tetra OFX4000
TET26570 Tetra DHP-4000 Debris Handling Pump 292.95 Order Tetra OFX4000

Powers waterfalls, filters, and fountain heads. Reliable Magnetic Drive technology. Adapters included. Energy efficient, and UL listed.

Pond Size Tubing Cord Watts
325 GPH 50 to 250 gallons 1/2" to 3/4" ID tubing 12 foot 17 watts
550 GPH 50 to 500 gallons 3/4" to 1" ID tubing 12 foot 40 watts
1000 GPH 500 to 1000 gallons 1" ID tubing 16 foot 70 watts
1900 GPH 1000 to 1500 gallons 1 1/4" ID tubing 16 foot 226 watts
SKU Description Price Order
TET26586 Tetra Water Garden Pump 325-GPH 43.95 Order Tetra OFX4000
TET26587 Tetra Water Garden Pump 550-GPH 63.95 Order Tetra OFX4000
TET26588 Tetra Water Garden Pump 1000-GPH 83.95 Order Tetra OFX4000
TET26589 Tetra Water Garden Pump 1900-GPH 139.95 Order Tetra OFX4000



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